Cardiac Universe

by Mountains of Earth

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Mountains of Earth blend punk, metal and pop influences into a melodic and technical web of rock and or roll. Torrid guitars ride through sci-fi fantasy, distorted bass, and anxiety-primed drumming; rarely playing the same riff twice, and never skimping on the catchy stuff. Prepare to sing along and turn it up!


released March 10, 2013

all songs written by Mountains of Earth
all artwork by Walter Richter
Recorded October 2012 -January 2013 at The Jam Room in Columbia, SC
Engineered and Mixed by James Rogers
Mastered by Dave Harris at Studio B Mastering in Columbia, SC



all rights reserved


Mountains of Earth Charleston, South Carolina

Walter-Drums, Vocals
Jennie-Bass, Vocals
Michael-Guitar, Vocals

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Track Name: Barrio Cowboy
We lay awake on our carrion beds trapped in the tail of comets tumbling end over end. Tangled in the threads. Surrounded by the dead spilling through the web. I can't dream anymore because I wont sleep on your bones. These threads ride on endless exhaust overhead through endless eons.
Track Name: Blow Up The Moon
The fuse is laid out across this cardiac universe where the valves push the spark along the fibers igniting golden cords that force the shadows inward. The filaments burn brighter consuming every ember. The essence combusts then all traces scatter propelled by the thrust into the craters. Collision with the heart surges the reverse.Touched by the light then reduced to cinders. Touched by the spark the fusion of the dark matter with our cells negates our escape from the gravity well.
Track Name: Jupiter Stinks
The horizon disintegrates within our mortal grasp. The fragments melt away underneath the frames collapse. Pulled in through the melody of sirens singing. Tuning into a world full of debris. Reflections speak out loud. An Outcry from then to now. Peaking into silent decibels that strike against the base. Fissures form along the shell then crack across the surface as harmony has withered with the severance of these vocal chords. Move with a half step heart beats sound. The siren's song surrounds.
Track Name: Cloud Chaser
Spent the winter in the belly of a wasp who slaved me to her hive. When she carried me outside I saw her name written into the sky. Etched into the black by the fire flies who were chasing after thunder and lightning strikes. When I escape through the clouds and leave the taste in her mouth she'll sift through the wreckage to find my pieces illuminated by the signal fires the flies left behind to brighten the dark between the stars. They still shine like search lights that can't seem to find my still beating heart.
Track Name: People Are Missing
We're crawling as it begins then clawing against the end as this disease manifests into a walking sickness. Then with each missed step this frail gravity will shift. We're off target, spread thin and missing skin, but our bodies fall at the same speed through the spaces between the seams as we lose sight of the night sky on a crash course with the fault lines. Still crawling as this ends and begging for it to begin again while our falling bodies are ablaze, creating new seismic waves.
Track Name: Second Impact
Restore the nerve center of this network built in vain as an empty attempt at closure compelled by an insufferable strain. We've attained contact upon impact so tighten the gears and mains. Our circuitry is all that remains. The reasoning expired with the lapse in between each firing synapse.A Lapse into oblivion. All year round we can hear the cicadas singing. Its the only sound that cuts through our pulses ringing out. The shock and the havoc released caused the cycle of seasons to cease. Rebuilt below a subterranean ceiling a confined cosmos's existence is blurred and fleeting.
Track Name: Hesitant Coral
When she breaths the coral sleeps. Dreaming of her teeth and a tongue concealed. Coiled, confined and hidden behind the sharpest steel. Words suffocate. Constricted, she breaths as coral sleeps. Dreaming of her teeth. The bed swells when she inhales.Through restless sleep the subconscious-es fail to enlighten our minds. We hesitate. She replicates. Distant and safe, to forever contemplate. we slip as her jaws open wide. Snuffed out then fused together inside.
Track Name: Taste The Salt
If the pillars dissolve we'll be buried. Immersed in that cascading siege that descended from the heaven you carried so high above our reach.The wounds are without relief so cover me with recovery. Spread it across the fertile land to keep the roots from digging in. Just a breath's worth to smolder our lungs. Just a mouthful to burn our tongues and taste the way we die. Scattered among the ashes, salt and lies that burn our tongues and hasten the demise of everyone buried beneath
the ashes salt and lye.
Track Name: She's A Creep
She casts off her scales. The armor becomes castles for the snakes that slither up from her throat. Where all things that crawl are harvested so close to her heart. Fed by the plague that drips from the spikes, off her lips. Kissed by forked tongues. Beneath the fangs she'll wade where her cold presence fades.She stands upright to bathe in the sunlight then their fangs extend into her heat drenched skin.
Track Name: Stone Burner
The atomic flare blackened these all blue eyes. In these empty sockets stares a shallow light that shines bright white with reflecting sands. This vacant vision bares the tragedy of the fallow skies. Withering in despair I feel the life leave your all blue eyes. All our palaces and the houses we keep have now sunken beneath the grains we bleed. Was that your ghost that stormed through the stones.A faint echo in our homes. If you return someday you'll find me in the grains. If you return to me again bring the rain.