by Mountains of Earth

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released February 12, 2011



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Mountains of Earth Charleston, South Carolina

Walter-Drums, Vocals
Jennie-Bass, Vocals
Michael-Guitar, Vocals

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Track Name: Inhabitant of Infinity
So plant the seeds in your hair and let the blossoms become woven as the vines feed and ensnare the combs that drag the pollen there. Gorge you with the worms you were forced to swallow whole the cure for this frail marrow. Organic threads consumed alive affixed our chords to knots then come untied then lash out like the thorns that cover your stems I'll swing from your limbs by the strings you suspend and watch you bloom as the daylight fades. drowning in your perfume while each petal escapes. so plant the seeds in your hair and let the blossoms become woven as the vines feed and ensnare the combs that drag the pollen there. you still weep like the willow i knew you were.
Track Name: Ten Dollar Admission
Fight the rising tide. It seeps in just to drain. When it washes out it carries us away. When connections split across all directions bare the chaos. So we come clean then leave filthy. I'd say anything to stay. Deprived of the chemicals that converge and react. This drought starved the signals. Too exhausted to echo back. We've unearthed this well just to throw ourselves in. A single wish overtaken by the rising tide.
Track Name: Mountains Of Earth - Second Impact
Restore the nerve center of this network built in vain. An empty attempt at closure caused by insufferable strain. We've attained contact upon impact so tighten the gears and mains. We've attained contact upon impact. Our circuitry is all that remains. The reasoning expired with the lapse in between each firing synapse. All year round we can hear the cicadas sing. It's the only sound that cuts through our pulses ringing out. The shock and the havoc released has caused the cycle of seasons to cease. Rebuilt below a subterranean ceiling a confined cosmos is blurred and fleeting.
Track Name: Arc of July
I remember her dying to hold on. We were lost in the dirt where all of what she ever was had gone. My right arm is destruction incarnate. So I keep it buried beneath my skin. Wrapped in bandages and leather sleeves is never enough to keep it from sin. You sharpened your knives and with the touch of your hand reduced July to a mountain of sand. Before the dust could settle to the ground we fell into August and brought it crashing down. I'll soak up the hate that pours from your beating heart. I'll load it all in until it explodes. I'll carry this weight. All I can hold with my right arm. No matter if it kills me slow.
Track Name: Taste the Salt
If the pillars dissolve we'll be buried. Immersed in that cascading siege. Descended from the heavens your carried. That soared beyond our reach. These wounds are without relief so cover me with recovery. Spread it across the fertile land to keep the roots from digging in. Just a breath's worth to smolder our lungs. Just a mouthful to burn our tongues and taste the way we die. Embedded among the ashes, salt, and lies that burn our tounges and hasten our demise. Piled upon the ashes, salt, and lye.